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Big Name Entertainment The Exhibit: 1960s-1980s


Alumni and community members regularly contact archives regarding big-name entertainment groups that performed at Tennessee Tech in the past. Some interest is due to nostalgia, but others inquire because of a concert or performers historical significance. We assisted patrons as far as England and Australia with our big-name entertainment archives. As a result of this interest, we felt a big-name entertainment exhibit at the Varsity Theater would be a great idea.

The exhibit features photographs of famous people on stages; however, it also includes some great stories and historical documents that add depth to the pictures. For instance, did you know Elvis’s last scheduled concert was at Tech? Or that a major record label signed Garth Brooks after playing Tech? More importantly, how did Tennessee Tech book these big-name acts??? Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, Jefferson Starship, and The Temptations to name a few. The exhibit answers these questions and more.   

We wanted a traditional exhibit opening. We even prepared a big-name entertainment playlist which you can listen to here (*Spotify required):

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this is not happening. You can view the exhibit in person with social distancing and a mask at the Varsity Theatre or here! We are living in strange times, but we are also excited to try a new online exhibit software. We hope that it makes the exhibit accessible to more people.

If you have a story about seeing a band at Tennessee Tech that we did not include and you would like for us to add it to the exhibit, you can submit it to make certain that your email includes a permission for us to publish and store your story for the exhibit and future researchers to use.