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PS_031_Tech Village, c. 1975.jpg
One of several building apartment buildings located in Tech Village.

PS_020_002_Hooper Eblen, c. 1975.jpg
Front of Hooper Eblen Center with a person riding a John Deer tractor in the forefront of the image.

PS_028_006_Oakley Hall, c. 1975.jpg
Library Annex, formerly known as the University Center.

PS_027_Quad, c. 1970.jpg
Several groups of students sit in a circle on the Quad. Also visible in photo is the Dixie College Historical Marker.

PS_014_Henderson Hall Fire Drill, 1971-1975.jpg
A group of people wait outside behind Henderson Hall during a fire drill.

PS_012_University Drive and North Peachtree Avenue, c. 1970.jpg
View of Univerity Drive from corner of North Peachtree Avenue and University Drive, Cookeville, Tenn.

PS_011_Roaden University Center at Dixie Avenue, c. 1970.jpg
View of the University Center from across Dixie Avenue, Cookeville, Tenn.

PS_008_Jobe Hall, c. 1970.jpg
Two students walk towards Jobe Hall.

PS_007_Johnson Hall, c. 1970, 1972.jpg
Back of Johnson Hall with cars parked in parking spaces.
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