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Constitution of the Tennessee Tech West African drumming and dance ensemble student organization, ABUSUA.

Clipping from page 10 of the April 20, 1990 issue of The Oracle student newspaper on Alpha Week events.

Flyer for the Black Lives Matter protest on February 5, 2015, at Tennessee Tech University. The flyer design features read text on a white background. The middle of the flyer consists of a collage of photographs from Black Lives Matter protests in…

Archives Class.pdf
Document created by archivist containing all the majors at Tennessee Technological University linked to a series of archives links and names that collect materials related to the majors.

Resources for Finding Archive Collections.pdf
Document that includes links to archive resources. The resource links bring users to collections that are online, but also assist in locating physical archives for users.

Page 3 of The Black Flash 1998 Special Black History Month issue. The Yellow Roses submitted most of the poems published on the page.The entire issue is available here.

Clipping of an article on Gwendolyn Brooks's presentation at Tennessee Tech in 1994. The article was published in The Oracle.

Constitution of the Tennessee Tech Black Student Organization.

Clipping from the April 29, 1983 issue of The Oracle student newspaper on the chartering of Omicron Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.
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