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PS_031_Tech Village, 2023.jpeg
One of several building apartment buildings located in Tech Village.

PS_031_Tech Village, c. 1975.jpg
One of several building apartment buildings located in Tech Village.

PS_020_Hooper Eblen, 2023.jpeg
Front of Hooper Eblen Center.

PS_020_002_Hooper Eblen, c. 1975.jpg
Front of Hooper Eblen Center with a person riding a John Deer tractor in the forefront of the image.

PS_033_Walton House, c. 1980.jpg
Front of Walton House showcasing a round flowerbed in the middle of the driveway. Walton House is where the president of the university resides.

PS_032_Varsity Building, 1969, Dixie and East 7th.jpg
Front of Varsity Cinema Theatre with four people standing in front of the building. The marquee advertises the movie Justine starring Anouk Aimee and Dirk Bogarde. The Varsity Cinema Theatre held its grand opening ceremony on September 11, 1969 and…

PS_030_Quad, 1916.jpg
Buildings being constructed in the future home of the Quad. Writing at the top of the photo reads: The beginnings of T.P.I. [Tennessee Polytechnic Institute] June-1916 in the middle of a wonderful daisy field.

PS_029_005_Administration Buildings_ c. 1925.jpg
Administration Building, the first building on campus. In the creation act, this building was also known as the University of Dixie.
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