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PS_020_002_Hooper Eblen, c. 1975.jpg
Front of Hooper Eblen Center with a person riding a John Deer tractor in the forefront of the image.

PS_033_Walton House, 2023.jpeg
Front of Walton House showcasing a round flowerbed with bushes in the middle of the driveway. Walton House is where the president of the university resides.

PS_032_Varsity Building, 2023.jpg
Front of Varsity Building. In 2014 Tennessee Tech acquired the former Varsity Cinema Theatre where it operated as the Alumni Building. On the 50th anniversary of the Varsity Cinema Theatre's grand opening, Tennessee Tech renamed it the Varsity…

PS_030_Quad, 2023.jpeg
The Quad, with Derryberry Hall featured in the center of the photograph. Derryberry Hall was formerly known as the Administrative Building of the University of Dixie.

PS_028_Oakley Hall, 2023.jpeg
Front of Oakley Hall.

PS_027_Quad, 2023.jpg
Students sit on the Quad. Also visible in photo is the Dixie College Historical Marker.

PS_026_Memorial Gym, 2023.jpg
Front of Memorial Gym.

PS_024_Jere Whitson Building, 2023.jpeg
A student walking in front of Jere Whitson Building.

PS_018_Lewis Hall, post Industrial Technology Building, 2023.jpg
Front of Lewis Hall. Also visible in photo are concrete blocks in the road for an ongoing construction project.

PS_017_Roaden University Center Bookstore, 2023.jpg
Exterior view of Roaden University Center Bookstore.
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