Ticket Sales

Ticket Requests from the Public

Ticket Requests from the Public.

Bulk Ticket Purchase Flier

Bulk Ticket Purchase Flier.

Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings Concert Press Release

Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings Concert Press Release, 1978.

George Straight Press Release, 1978.

Shangri-Las tickets

These good seats could only belong to one person. The “leader of the pack” President Everett Derryberry. These tickets are unused because the Shangri-Las cancelled last minute. RG 27, Derryberry papers, 1966.

The University offered concerts to both the students and the public. Students could purchase their tickets on site, but the public could mail money or checks to the University requesting tickets. Later, tickets were even offered at the University Center, Wal-Mart, and at a number of banks. Tickets were also sold in bulk and the University offered a “package deal.” Press releases advertised concerts to the public. As of 2012, students receive free tickets and the concert program is based on the students and for the students. Tickets left after the students receive theirs are sold to the public.